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The aim of this study was to show the results of a random sample sampling design with the use of a 5-point Likert scale. All of the 5-point Likert scale scores were used in the design of the 2-item Assessment of Mental Health. The Likert scale scores were used to measure lower- levels of health care involvement and preventive services in the 21 countries reviewed. The Likert scale scores showed that the high-level psychomotor skills developed in the health care setting can be developed in similar ways to those in the health care setting and to be replaced by better quality care. The aim of this study was to evaluate the processes of uptake, engagement, and adoption of a cultural, social, and socioeconomic context in the preparation of curriculum and presentations for PharmD graduates. The study aims at determining the extent of the cultural and social context for the success of the pharmacy education among graduates. The aim is to provide the students with an understanding of the role of the community in selection, application, and assessment of competency. An expert panel consisting of pharmacy education experts and physicians and students are selected to be engaged in the selection process. This study examined the influence of the community culture and the community-based learning strategy of pharmacy education on the success of pharmacy education graduates. Nurses and pharmacists were asked to determine the importance of the community in the selection process. The community culture is a key factor in selecting a pharmacy education major and that individuals who are culturally and socially integrated with the health care workforce and participate in social and academic activities are identified. The use of this cultural context of selection and evaluation of skills, skills, and competency is an important part of the successful delivery of pharmacy education. Mental health is a major concern for various health care professionals, but it is an area of general interest that the prevalence of mental illness in Canada is not yet adequately assessed. PPS or other markers of depression was associated with lower overall levels of depression and higher levels of depression amongst patients with CHS. Cross-sectional study was conducted using a nationally representative sample of Canadians.



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